Published and Forthcoming Research

"On Monotone Strategy Equilibria in Simultaneous Auctions for Complementary Goods," with Tatiana Komarova, Pasquale Schiraldi, and Wiroy Shin. Journal of Mathematical Economics 85:C, 109-128, 2020.

"Entry and Competition in Takeover Auctions," with Caleb Stroup. Journal of Financial Economics 132:2, 2019.

"Structural Econometrics of Auctions: A Review," with Timothy P. Hubbard, Denis Nekipelov, and Harry J. Paarsh. Foundations and Trends in Economics 9:2-4, 2018.

"Auctions with Selective Entry," with Tong Li and Jingfeng Lu. Games and Economic Behavior 105, 104-111, 2017.

"Existence of Monotone Equilibrium in First Price Auctions with Private Risk Aversion and Private Initial Wealth," with Tong Li and Jingfeng Lu. Games and Economic Behavior 91, 214-221, 2015.

"Identification in Auctions with Selective Entry," with Tong Li. Econometrica 82, 315-344, 2014.

"A New Class of Estimators for Moment Condition Models," with Yanqin Fan and Tong Li. Journal of Econometrics 162, 268-277, 2011.

Working Papers

"Preferences and Performance in Simultaneous First-Price Auctions: A Structural Analysis," with Tatiana Komarova and Pasquale Schiraldi. Conditionally accepted, Review of Economic Studies.

"Identification and Inference in First-Price Auctions with Risk Averse Bidders and Selective Entry," with Xiaohong Chen, Tong Li and Jingfeng Lu. Second revision resubmitted, Review of Economic Studies. (See also: 2017 version exploring semiparametric sensitivity analysis with a parametric signal-value copula.)

"Monopoly Pricing with Reference Dependent Willingness to Pay," with Martin Pesendorfer. Revision requested, Games and Economic Behavior.

"Displays, Sales, and In-Store Search in Retail Markets."

Work in Progress

"Price Reference Effects in Consumer Demand," with Martin Pesendorfer.

"On the Timing of Auctions: The Effects of Complementarities on Sequential and Simultaneous Bidding," with Alex Arsenault-Morin and Hayri Alper Arslan.

"Pre-qualification, firm dynamics and industry evolution in a procurement auction market," with Dakshina De Silva and Pasquale Schiraldi.

"Nonlinear Pricing," with Isis Durrmeyer, Andras Niedermayer, and Artyom Shneyerov.